Personalized Education with A Customized AI Edtech Solution Powered by Knowledge Graph

Published in AGEDB , 3 min read, Nov 11

In the wake of the pandemic, public education underwent a significant transformation, with the introduction of online classes. Concurrently, students found themselves increasingly reliant on online education to meet their self-directed learning needs. Despite the convenience of online classes, achieving a 100% learning effectiveness remains a challenge. To bridge this gap, a multitude of IT solutions have been integrated into the online education ecosystem to enhance the existing framework.

Foremost among these innovations is artificial intelligence (AI), which has emerged as a central player in this endeavor. AI's capabilities extend to recommending tailored solutions for individual learning scenarios. For instance, when a student answers a question incorrectly, AI steps in to provide a personalized curriculum, suggesting similar questions that the student may have struggled with in the past.

Let Knowledge Graphs Curate the Most Suited Exam Questions

A knowledge graph is a collection of interconnected descriptions of entities, such as objects, events, or concepts, that can be built on existing databases to connect web-scale structured and unstructured data. This technology empowered AI to operate with precision, effectively augmenting human decision-making.

Taking this technology, we have constructed dedicated knowledge spaces for various subjects using a graph database. Educational subjects, areas, units, concept units, and items are expressed as "nodes" and relationships among the nodes are represented as "edges" to form a graph. This network structure consists of multiple knowledge units that are connected to each other.

Figure 1. Knowledge graph of educational subjects

Taking this graph model, here are some of the solutions we can propose to implement in the educational ecosystems.

Solution 1. Personalized Learning Paths

Our first solution suggests to offer personalized learning routes that go beyond conventional approaches. By analyzing learning behavior data, which includes factors like the degree of immersion and the depth of comprehension, we identify areas where students might be struggling and dynamically adjust their learning paths. Leveraging on relevant content to enhance the learning experience. Drawing from a comprehensive understanding of each student's personality and conceptual grasp, our solution also predicts the optimal moments for revisiting and reinforcing their studies.

Solution 2. Individual Personality and History Analysis

In the realm of personalized education services, we can also develop a sophisticated model capable of parsing the extensive data generated during a student's learning journey to decipher their unique personality traits. Our model scrutinizes data to gauge problem-solving prowess, reasoning acumen, concentration levels, and sincerity, enabling a nuanced diagnosis of the student's personality. This valuable insight plays a pivotal role in tailoring learning paths and iterative learning recommendations.

Figure 2.Personalized learning path recommendation and result

The personalized learning path serves as a guide for students and parents to minimize trial and error and get the most effective curriculum for them. In the real world, the majority of students had to take "semi-customized" classes that are tailored only to a small number of high-performing students. Whereas, with the personalized programs, every student has the opportunity to bolster their weaker areas and rekindle their enthusiasm and confidence in the learning process.

In addition, the Augmented Intelligence technology applied in public education is a way to support teachers without replacing them. This method can improve students' concentration and improve the quality of learning, and teachers can invest more time in student guidance depending on the learning results. Through this system, teachers and educators can plan for long-term personalized learning courses for each and every student

*Augmented Intelligence: A subset of artificial intelligence in which AI technologies assist humans rather than replace them.

There are multitude of technology solutions that knowledge graphs can design the landscapes for. AGEDB provides unique consultation services in conceptualizing your needs to generate a new-era solution for your businesses. If you are interested in creating a future solution with us, your way is here . We look forward to seeing where knowledge graphs take your businesses to!

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