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PostgreSQL based stable database with the enhanced security features, tools and tech support

Discover AgensSQL Standard Edition: Unlock the Full Potential of Open Source PostgreSQL Without Compromise

Your enterprise is on the cusp of harnessing the power of PostgreSQL, a leading open-source relational database, for your critical applications, balancing innovation with operational stability. AgensSQL Standard Edition addresses this need by integrating PostgreSQL's relational database capabilities with significant enhancements, including an advanced version of psql, equipped with an improved 'AEM admin' tool, surpassing the functionalities of standard pgadmin

This edition ensures that the use of Psql in your enterprise is not just about adopting a relational database; it's about enhancing it with the best tools for management and efficiency. The advanced psql, coupled with the superior 'AEM admin' tool, offers a more intuitive and powerful solution for database administration, making it easier and more efficient to manage your databases than with traditional pgadmin. AgensSQL Standard Edition thus represents an ideal solution for organizations looking to transition to an open-source relational database without compromising on the quality and performance of their database management tools

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Why AgensSQL Standard Edition is the Smart Choice for Your Business:

  • Comprehensive Support and Tools: Moving beyond the basics, AgensSQL Standard Edition provides an expansive suite of tools and extensions specifically developed to enhance your PostgreSQL experience. From performance optimization to advanced security measures, we equip your enterprise with the tools you need to succeed

  • Unmatched Reliability: With AgensSQL Standard Edition, you gain more than just a database management system; you gain a partner committed to your operational continuity. Our high availability solutions ensure that your critical applications remain up and running, giving you peace of mind

  • Expert Backing When You Need It Most: Our global team of PostgreSQL experts is available around the clock, ready to offer you the specialized support and advice to navigate any challenge. With AGEDB, you're supported by a community of experts dedicated to your success

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What's Included in AgensSQL Standard Plan?

Standard Edition


Management Tools


for PostgreSQL

AEM Admin

AEM Monitor

AEM Migration

Aem Logo
AEM Admin

Admin Solution

Features for DBAs

AEM Monitor

DBMS Monitoring Solution

Features for DBAs

AEM Migration

Migration UI Tool

Features for Engineers

Agens Enterprise Manager

is a browser-based console that combines AgensSQL management and monitoring features based on PG admin

AEM Monitor

it servers as monitoring product to check the database status information and identify any performance issues occurring


Oracle to PG Mode

Windows Migration Tool


Oracle to Oracle Mode

Migration Web Guide Migration Toolkit

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