AgensSQL Plan Comparison

Standard Edition

For users aiming to optimize their existing DBMS environments, the best choice is to fully leverage open-source PostgreSQL, complemented by various third-party extensions tailored for PostgreSQL.

  • Environment setup and installation/deployment for product installation
  • 3rd Party Solution Compatibility Guide
  • Maintenance Contract 8 X 5 Technical Support and Inquiry Response Incident Support (Online/On-site)
  • Regular Checkups Data Backup and Recovery Support
  • Migration Contract & Support

Enterprise Edition


For customers seeking cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality, our approach emphasizes a differentiated strategy with high-quality open-source products, backed by fast and efficient technical support, ensuring superior value compared to our competitors.

  • Includes SE Services
  • 24 X 7, 365 days Technical Support and Inquiry Response Product Upgrade Support (Minor, Optional)
  • Performance Diagnosis and Tuning Guide (Annually)
  • Customized Service Contract
  • Oracle Compatibility for PL/SQL / Function / Procedure
  • Performance Diagnosis and Tuning Service Contract

Enterprise Edition +

For businesses looking to enhance their value, our focus is on utilizing high-dimensional graph technology through the existing relational database, offering an advanced solution that maximizes business potential.

  • Includes Enterprise Edition services
  • Basic training on Graph technology (concepts, data utilization, Cypher)
  • How to utilize Graph-related tools
  • Graph modeling and analysis guide