PG Technical Support AGEDB

PGTS (PostgreSQL Tech-support Service)

PG Core Technical Support Services for All PostgreSQL based Products

AGEDB offers specialized high-level technical support unique to PostgreSQL, providing services across All PostgreSQL products

Discover the Benefits of PGTS

PGTS prioritizes customer convenience above all and includes differentiated proposals

Uninterrupted 24X365 Services
  • Faster response time compare to competitors
  • Video meeting guaranteed within 2 hours
Direct Support for PG Core Technology
  • Vendor Real-time support
  • Technical services for mission-critical tasks
  • Support from well-known contributors within PG community
Tech Portal Services
  • Web based customer service
  • Real-time remote support

Why AGEDB's PGTS is the Right Choice

PG support requires experienced professionals and organized systems, not just anyone can do it.


Proven PG Core Technology Skills


PG Community Recognition


Real-Time Technical Support
R&D Collaboration


Systematic Service
Based on System Infrastructure

PGTS Service Product Configuration

Choose the service provision and benefit scope that matches your business.

PGTS products are comprised of two services: REMOTE and PREMIUM

Service Details PGTS Remote PGTS Premium
Uninterrupted 24x365 Service check check
Tech Portal Service check check
Service History Management check check
Supported Products PG Community Version PG Community version Support for all Commercial PG Products
Technical Support Methods Tech Portal Based Tech Portal, Real Time Virtual Based
High priority incident support Option to grant premium support Response within 10 minutes and Video meeting Guaranteed within 2 hours
Professional Service Separate Purchase Required Annual 20 hour Service in Package
3rd Party Product Integration Not Included Available with Professional Services
Additional Application Provision Not Included Includes AHM (HA) and AEM (Admin, Monitoring) Tools as needed

Professional Service

Professional service is a customized service that supports stable system operations for customers.


*Available for separate purchase

Service Support Details
Professional consulting

Professional services involve direct support, education, and consulting by experienced experts to solve complex database-related issues

Performance analysis, diagnostic results, and tuning guides (remote)
Migration consulting
Cloud environment consulting
High availability consulting
Graph modeling consulting
PG extension and 3rd party integration

Support for PG extension and 3rd party integration during feature expansion

pgpool, pgbouncer, patroni, PostGIS, pg_prewarm, pg_stat_statements, oracle_fdw, etc
PG Upgrade support

Stable DBMS operation through version upgrades

Latest version upgrades
Advantages of the Latest Versions:
Enhanced Performance and Scalability, Stability Through Updates:
Application and tool provision

Provision of validated professional management products & tools

AEM (Agens Enterprise Manager) - Monitor
AEM(Agens Enterprise Manager) - Admin
AHM(Agens High-availability Manager)

Global comprehensive Service based on Tech Portal

PGTS by AGEDB provides systematic, consistent, and rapid 24x365 uninterrupted technical support based on each customer's complete history through the Global Tech Portal system

Inquiry Process Tracking
  • Tracking inquiry status for Each Customer
  • Maintains ticket history and diagnostics for seamless support and allows customers to track their support inquiries
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Customer Service History
  • Management and analysis of customer cumulative sata and history
  • Integrated proactive and reactive support through cumulative data analysis
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Real-time Support
  • Real-Time Rapid Customer Response
  • Real-time remote support and video meeting services provided via Tech Portal
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