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What We Offer

1. PostgreSQL DBMS Services

2. Oracle Compatibility Consultancy Services

3. Oracle Data Migration Services

4. Interface Development Services

image 1. PostgreSQL DBMS Services
  • Initializing and setup services
  • DBMS upgrade services
  • High availability implementation services
  • Performance tuning services
  • Problem determination and solving services
  • Backup and recovery services
image 2. Oracle Compatibility Consultancy Services
  • Support interoperability of Oracle functions, procedures and triggers
  • Support PL/SQL features in PostgreSQL
  • Customization of Oracle features based on additional customer requirements
image 3. Oracle Data Migration Services
  • Data migration consultancy services for prerequisites and environment review and application compatibility
  • Performing Data migration using conversion tool from various databases to PostgreSQL (Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL)
  • Cloud migration: Data migration from on-premise to cloud environment
image 4. Interface Development Services
  • Support interoperability from interface development between PostgreSQL and 3rd party solutions
  • Support interoperability in PostgreSQL extensions

24x365 Technical Support

  • Rapid responsive to all levels inquiries
  • 24 x 365, anytime available service windows
  • Collaborative direct support from vendor
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