Webinar Alert: PostgreSQL databases can now incorporate graph database functions through extension softwares.

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[VANCOUVER, B.C. November 14th, 2023] - Advanced Graph Enterprise Database Inc.

"AGEDB" is excited to announce an exclusive webinar featuring Eya Badal Abdisho, the chair of Apache AGE and the CTO of AGEDB, who will unveil a monumental leap in the world of PostgreSQL databases. This event, "Use PostgreSQL with Apache AGE to advance your data infrastructure and solutions" promises to be an eye-opener for professionals seeking innovative solutions to their data management and analytics needs

Event Details

Date: November 16th, Thursday

Time: 10AM PT / 1PM ET

Speaker: Eya Badal Abdisho, Chair of Apache AGE / CTO of AGEDB


  • Introduction and key benefits of Apache AGE

  • How you can leverage AGEDB's technologies to innovate data infrastructure and solutions

  • AGEDB's roadmap for Apache AGE

In an era where data is the lifeblood of industries, PostgreSQL has long been celebrated for its reliability, extensibility, and open-source nature. But what happens when PostgreSQL joins forces with graph databases? This webinar is your opportunity to uncover the answer.

Why Attend?

  • Discover how PostgreSQL's reliability pairs seamlessly with the flexibility of graph databases

  • Explore how this innovative integration can elevate your data management and analytics to unprecedented levels

  • Gain practical knowledge, real-world applications, and unique insights that will set you apart in your field

Secure your spot now for this enlightening webinar and chart the future of data management. For registration, please visit .

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About Apache AGE

Promoted to a top project by The Apache Software Foundation in 2022, Apache AGE is a PostgreSQL extension that provides graph database functionality. The project was originally developed in 2019 as an extension to AgensGraph (Bitnine Global's multi-model database fork of PostgreSQL), and entered the Apache Incubator in April 2020.

About Advanced Graph Enterprise Database Inc.

Founded in 2022, AGEDB is a Vancouver-based private company with a primary focus on developing and delivering database management system ("DBMS") software and technology. AGEDB is a new innovation to the DBMS industry offering hybrid capabilities encompassing Relational and Graph Databases. With a commitment to driving technological excellence, AGEDB aims to empower businesses worldwide with tailored services to address the evolving needs of modern enterprises, enabling organizations to derive insights and make informed decisions smarter.

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