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World's Only RDB + GDB
graph analysis solution

Seamless Data Processing

Data processing and analysis within
AgensSQL without migration
Enhancing data integrity

Hybrid Queries

World's first hybrid query feature
supporting simultaneous
execution of SQL (RDB) and
Cypher (GDB) queries

Graph Technology Efficiency

Handling complex business data
analysis more efficiently and cost-
effectively using graph technology

Discover the Power of Graph Technology with AgensSQL Enterprise Edition Plus : Tailored Solutions Across Industries

AgensSQL Enterprise Plus Edition is an advanced enhancement of our robust PostgreSQL solution, now equipped with Oracle compatibility and high availability. It introduces the revolutionary AGE graph extension, a significant leap in graph database technology, revolutionizing data analytics. This graph database isn't just an upgrade; it's a transformative approach to how data's value is maximized, pushing beyond the limitations of traditional data analysis

With its cutting-edge graph technology, AgensSQL Enterprise Plus Edition transcends conventional data analytics, offering a comprehensive solution for various industries. The integration of this graph database facilitates a deeper understanding and manipulation of complex data structures, providing a powerful tool in the evolving landscape of data analytics. This graph database technology sets a new standard, aligning with the current and future needs of data-driven enterprises

Public Service
  • Uncover fraudulent welfare and subsidy claims

  • Trace intricate criminal networks

  • Analyze the impact of government policies and promotions

  • Analyze movement patterns for smart city planning

  • Detection of illegal receipt of welfare

  • Detect unusual transactions and money laundering
    in real-time

  • Structure financial product knowledge for improved QA systems

  • Money laundering tracking analysis

  • Analyze movement patterns for smart city planning

  • Analysis and recommendation of financial products

  • Disease Etiology Analysis

  • Genetic Analysis

  • Drug discovery

  • Detecting anomalies in patient medical data

  • Predicting changes in patient criticality

  • Analyze patterns in BoM design history

  • Foster collaboration and performance management across processes

  • Predict failures in large infrastructure and equipment

  • Product/Demand pattern prediction

  • Multi-material simulation

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What's Included in AgensSQL Enterprise + Plan?

Enterprise Edition +


High Availability

Management Tools

Graph DB support


for PostgreSQL

AEM Admin

AEM Monitor

AEM Migration +

AGE Viewer

AGE Loader


AEM Admin

AEM Monitor

AEM Migration



Graph Extension: Apache AGE®


"Apache AGE® is an open-source software that offers the world-first pluggable
extension of graph data modeling and analytics on top of a relational database"

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