EE offers Oracle compatibility, enabling DBAs and developers familiar with Oracle to utilize their existing knowledge


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Discover AgensSQL Enterprise Edition:Advanced PostgreSQL Performance with
Oracle Compatibility & High Availability

In today's data-driven business landscape, organizations face critical challenges with their current database solutions, particularly when dealing with legacy systems like Oracle. The substantial costs, complex migration processes, limited customization, and the risks of vendor lock-in are significant pain points that can hinder operational efficiency and innovation.

AgensSQL Enterprise Edition addresses these challenges head-on, offering a sophisticated, cost-effective solution with seamless Oracle database compatibility and unparalleled high availability (HA) features.


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Why Choose AgensSQL Enterprise Edition for Your Data Management Needs?

logo ! Oracle compatibility can help your team minimize the transition burden

AgensSQL Enterprise Edition shines with its Oracle compatibility, designed to alleviate the common hurdles associated with migrating from Oracle

Our solution offers :

Cost Efficiency: Dramatically reduce your database management costs without sacrificing functionality. We eliminates the substantial cost burden associated with Oracle, offering a powerful yet cost-effective alternative

Simplified Migration: Say goodbye to complex Oracle to postgres migration processes. We provides tools and support for a smooth transition, minimizing disruption to your operations

Freedom from Vendor Lock-In:: Our commitment to open standards and customization empowers your organization to break free from vendor lock-in, giving you the flexibility to adapt and innovate according to your unique business needs

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What's Included in AgensSQL Enterprise Plan?

Enterprise Edition


High Availability

Management Tools


for PostgreSQL

Agens HA Manager

Agens Pool(LB)

AEM Admin

AEM Monitor

AEM Migration

HA Features

Active-Active (read-only), Active-standby


Automatic fail-over

Ensure stable system operation through automatic fail-over processing in case of failure by checking the heartbeat

Connection pooling

Maintains a connection to the DB server and reuses it when a new connection request with the same attributes (User, DB, Protocol) comes in

Load balancing

Reduces the load on the entire server by distributing it to reduce the load on the DB server in systems that use Replication


Protect data from failures by replicating DB between servers in real time with redundancy configuration

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