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Industries worldwide trust AGEDB for dependable PostgreSQL solutions

Our client- from tech startups to global enterprise enjoy unparalleled support and seamless performance. With AGEDB, your organization can thrive, knowing you're backed by proven expertise and a track record of success

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Why AGEDB's Database Solutions Are Your Best Choice

Delivering reliable PostgreSQL support demands expertise and structured systems

it's a role only for the experienced

Proven PostgreSQL Core Technology Skills

Proven PostgreSQL Core Technology Skills

PG Community Recognition & Influence

PG Community
Recognition & Influence

Real-Time Technical Support R&D Collaboration

Technical Support
R&D Collaboration

Systematic Service Based on System Infrastructure

Systematic Service
Based on System


At AGEDB, our PostgreSQL expertise delivers unmatched reliability. Our clients trust us to provide seamless support and advanced solutions, ensuring their operations run smoothly and securely. Experience the peace of mind that comes with us.


See how AGEDB's reliable PostgreSQL solutions gave industry leaders peace of mind

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PostgreSQL: The Trusted Choice for Enterprise

Leading enterprises trust PostgreSQL for its unmatched reliability and advanced features. See why it's the backbone of modern data management.

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bulbInnovation & Integrity: Our PostgreSQL Journey

Since establishing our headquarters in 2013, AGEDB has rapidly earned a reputation as a trusted name in the database industry. As a global leader in PostgreSQL development and research, we have pioneered innovative database solutions with our products, AgensSQL


PostgreSQL Leaders

Top-Tier Engineering Experts for R&D and Support

Trust AGEDB for comprehensive PostgreSQL solutions and expertise
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Enhanced PostgreSQL: Oracle Compatibility + High Availability

AgensSQL offers Oracle compatibility, enabling DBAs and developers familiar with Oracle to utilize their existing knowledge


Enterprise Relational Database Solution
  • Including all the features of open-source PostgreSQL
  • Database administration and monitoring
  • High-availability management
  • Database migration and assessment
  • Compatibility with Oracle databases
    (Oracle SQL, data types, procedures, and more)
Comprehensive Support and Tools

Offers a robust suite of tools and extensions to enhance your PostgreSQL experience, including performance optimization and advanced security measures

Unmatched Reliability

Offers a robust suite of tools and extensions to enhance your PostgreSQL experience, including performance optimization and advanced security measures

Expert Technical Support When You Need It

Our global team of PostgreSQL experts provides 24x7 specialized support and advice, ensuring you're always backed by a community dedicated to your success

Global Comprehensive Service based on Tech Portal

AGEDB provides systematic, consistent, and rapid 24x365 uninterrupted technical support
based on each customer's complete history through the Tech Portal system.

Inquiry Process Tracking

Tracking Inquiry Status

  • Maintains ticket history and diagnostics for seamless support
  • Allows customers to track their support inquiries
Customer Service History

Analysis of Customer
Cumulative Data & History

  • Integrated proactive and reactive support through cumulative data analysis
Real-Time Support

Rapid Customer Response

  • Real-time remote support and video meeting services provided via Tech Portal
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