About us

AGEDB Technology Ltd.

At AGEDB , we understand the challenges today's businesses face with increasingly complex data sets that require efficient management and analysis to extract meaningful insights. With our database management system, we simplify this process by providing seamless integration and database transformation, enabling easy discovery of the full potential of your data.



As a pioneering force in hybrid database technology, we derive enlightenment from crafting improved environments for organizations seeking insights through deep-analytics. AGEDB is committed to driving positive change by actively participating in the open-source initiative led by the Apache Foundation: Apache AGE. With the power of graph capabilities seamlessly integrated with relational databases, we help tackle unforeseen challenges that industry professionals face.


At our core, we are driven by excellence and a tireless endeavor to stand out as industry leaders. We're constantly on the lookout for exceptional individuals who share our passion for making a real difference and a lasting impact. If you're eager to be part of a dynamic team, work collaboratively on exciting projects, and contribute to meaningful change, then we want to hear from you. Together, we'll shape the future and achieve greatness.



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