AgensSQL: Open source PostgreSQL based Database Management System

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As we navigate the waves of digital transformation, the importance of a reliable, adaptable database infrastructure cannot be overstated. More businesses are moving to cloud-based solutions, and in this shifting landscape, PostgreSQL has emerged as a beacon of reliability and flexibility.

But what if you could enhance its robust features to meet even more of your enterprise needs? Let's explore how AgensSQL, a leading-edge extension of PostgreSQL, is helping businesses like yours achieve greater scalability and security.

AgensSQL at a Glance


Leveraging PostgreSQL's inherent strengths, AgensSQL introduces powerful enhancements tailored for modern enterprises. This advanced DBMS is not only designed to support large-scale operations but also seamlessly integrates with existing PostgreSQL ecosystems, ensuring a smooth transition and immediate benefits.

As an open-source relational DBMS, it builds on PostgreSQL's robust framework to meet specific customer requirements. This includes enhancing the open-source engine for stability, and providing expansion servers and operational management tools suited for enterprise environments. The system offers a user-friendly, all-in-one solution that ensures efficient and scalable data management, reliable operations, and significant cost reductions.

Furthermore, AgensSQL enhances core functionalities with features such as Oracle compatibility, advanced data security, and high availability. The Agens Enterprise Manager (AEM) optimizes operations, complemented by innovative graph analysis plugins.

Key Features Tailored to Your Needs

  1. Seamless Oracle Integration: Oracle to PostgreSQL migration can often be fraught with challenges. AgensSQL simplifies this process, offering high compatibility and support for Oracle databases. This seamless integration ensures that migrations are smooth and your team can continue to use familiar `PL/SQL` syntax and functions with minimal learning curve.
  2. Advanced Security Measures: In today's digital age, securing sensitive data is paramount. AgensSQL enhances PostgreSQL's security model with advanced features like data masking, comprehensive auditing, and granular access controls. These robust security measures protect against threats and ensure compliance with global data protection regulations.
  3. Guaranteed Uptime with High Availability: Understanding the cost of downtime, AgensSQL includes built-in high availability configurations that help minimize potential disruptions. The system is designed to automatically switch to a standby server in the event of a failure, ensuring continuous operation and maintaining business continuity.

AgensSQL DB Engine

Distinct from solutions that merely package the PostgreSQL Community version, AgensSQL integrates advanced security measures, including Password Profiles and Data Masking, directly into the core engine.

This enhancement significantly boosts data security and system reliability. Additionally, AgensSQL offers robust Oracle compatibility, enabling the seamless migration and integration of Oracle data and applications with minimal modifications.

This feature provides unparalleled convenience in database operation and management for DBAs and developers accustomed to Oracle environments

1. Oracle Compatibility - Fully Supports Oracle Compatibility Modes

  • Making it ideal for users familiar with Oracle systems.
  • Supports PL/SQL, functions, operators, syntax, and data types.
  • Driver Support: AgensOCL, JDBC, ODBC< .Net Driver

2. Password Profile - Account and Authorization Management

  • Enforces robust password policies to enhance login security.
  • Automatically blocks or releases user access based on policy violations.
  • Locks accounts after multiple failed login attempts and requires the use of special characters

3. Database Redaction - Data Masking

  • Strengthens security for data concerning user privacy
  • Proactively addresses privacy concerns in readiness for security audits
  • Employs encryption or masks data with non-identifiable special characters for enhanced privacy protection

4. Auditing - Database Auditing Features

  • Monitors and logs database operations for comprehensive oversight
  • Tracks user access to objects and execution of DDL and DML statements
  • Maintains detailed logs of all user actions for audit and compliance purposes

DB Migration

AgensSQL simplifies the migration of existing PostgreSQL databases with its robust DB Migration feature. This allows for a seamless transition to AgensSQL, utilizing its advanced functionalities while providing the flexibility to transfer data and structures at your convenience. AgensSQL efficiently organizes PostgreSQL's various features such as architecture, vacuum, and indexing into user-friendly subcategories, ensuring that you can easily access the latest updates in real time.

High Availability

The Agens HA Manager guarantees high availability for continuous operation. In the event of a primary system failure, it minimizes downtime by swiftly switching to a standby server optimized for rapid recovery.

Agens HA Manager Overview


Maximizing System Availability

  • High-Availability Cluster System: Utilizes Heartbeat+BRBD to construct a robust HA cluster, ensuring maximum uptime
  • Rapid Failover Process: In the event of a primary server failure, the standby server is promptly activated to take over as the primary server, minimizing system downtime

Load Balancing Enhancements

  • Dynamic Load Distribution: Adjusts and assigns load balancing ratios within the cluster to optimize server performance
  • Read-Only Standby Utilization: Employs the standby server as a read-only server to distribute and balance the workload, preventing overloading of the active server

High Availability Cluster Monitoring

  • Real-Time Monitoring: The HA monitoring tools (AHM + AEM) provide an on-screen review of the cluster's status
  • Alert System: Automatically notifies administrators when a failed node is detected, allowing for prompt attention and action

Failure Recovery Mechanisms

  • Failback Functionality: Supports a quick restoration to the original HA cluster configuration if a node fails and is subsequently recovered, preserving system integrity and continuity

Comprehensive Management with Ease (Agens Enterprise Manager)

The AgensSQL suite includes the Agens Enterprise Manager (AEM), a comprehensive solution that simplifies database administration, migration, and monitoring. AEM enhances database management by offering:

  • Database Monitoring: Real-time insights into database performance and health
  • Efficient Administration: Tools for streamlined backups, restoration, and SQL monitoring
  • Seamless Migration: Automated tools and guides for transitioning from Oracle or other PostgreSQL systems

AEM's user-friendly, all-in-one approach ensures efficient, scalable data management and significantly reduces operational costs. Features include:

  • AEM Admin: A browser-based console providing comprehensive management capabilities for DBAs
  • AEM Migrator: A tool that supports enhanced migration processes with Oracle compatibility
  • AEM Monitor: A monitoring solution that tracks database status and performance issues, equipped with a dashboard for query analysis and alert settings

Leveraging Graph Database Capabilities Without Hassle


AgensSQL seamlessly integrates complex data relationship analytics directly into your PostgreSQL environment through its innovative AGE extension. This integration eliminates the need for a separate graph database system, thereby streamlining data processes and enabling sophisticated queries and analytics.

AGE: A Plug-and-Play Graph Analytics Solution

  • Advanced Graph Analytics: AGE enables powerful graph database functionalities within the relational database framework of AgensSQL, supporting intricate data processing and analysis without the need for data migration or ETL processes.
  • Open Cypher Query Support: AGE supports openCypher, the most popular language for graph queries, facilitating easy integration with application development and other graph technologies.
  • Multi-Graph Capability: Allows for querying and combining data from multiple graphs in a single query, making complex associative data analysis both quick and cost-effective.
  • Apache Top-Level Project: AGE is recognized as the first graph database project to achieve Apache Foundation Top-Level Project status, underscoring its robustness and innovation. It continues to evolve with contributions from a vibrant community of over 460,000 Apache Software Foundation members.

AGE Graph Analytics Features (available with the Enterprise Plus plan)

  • Hybrid Query Functionality: Execute SQL (RDB) and Cypher (GDB) queries simultaneously, enhancing the flexibility and depth of data analysis.
  • High-Performance Data Processing: Offers robust graph data processing capabilities, enabling efficient management of both RDB and graph data within a single database.
  • Enhanced Data Integrity and ROI: Improves data integrity and offers a better return on investment by leveraging existing RDB infrastructure with minimal additional costs.


Embracing enhanced PostgreSQL solutions is like choosing a partner who understands and supports your journey towards digital excellence.

With advanced features designed to meet the challenges of modern enterprises and cloud environments, PostgreSQL is not just a database. It is a crucial part of your strategy for growth and innovation.

Considering the robust features and strategic advantages of AgensSQL, it offers a compelling option for businesses aiming to enhance their database capabilities in a cost-effective, secure, and scalable manner.

Ready to transform your data management strategy? Explore how advanced PostgreSQL capabilities can align with your business goals and propel you towards new heights of success.

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