A Canadian Database Vendor, AGEDB, Hosts 2nd Virtual Conference in Collaboration with The Apache Software Foundation's Top-level Project

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VANCOUVER, B.C. October 4th, 2023 - Advanced Graph Enterprise Database Inc.

(the "Company" or "AGEDB") is thrilled to reveal the upcoming webinar - Maximizing Operational Efficiency - A Deep Dive into Graph Analytics & Data Visualization. Mark your calendars for Wednesday, October 11th for this free online event.

In the contemporary business landscape, the integration of graph databases often demands significant adjustments in its operation management, primarily because the existing, mission-critical relational databases pose unique challenges to its concurrent operation, as well as integration process. Ensuring data synchronization, mitigating the performance overheads associated with running two database types concurrently, addressing the skill requirements needed for proficiency in both relational and graph database query languages, subsequent rise in maintenance costs, and more...

AGEDB, a leading technology company specializing in hybrid database management solutions, in its upcoming webinar presents attendees the perks of graph extension pluggable on relational databases and its visualization technology in cooperation with Apache AGE, one of the top open-source projects from The Apache Software Foundation.

Eya Badal Abdisho, the Chair of Apache AGE Project Management Committee,

states, "During this exclusive webinar, I am grateful for the opportunity to being able to share insights into our hard works put in practices not only for our project, but for what I truly believe to be the help for many organizations alike. In this webinar, I hope to share some of the features that would make a great impact in organizing, managing, and operating the futuristic analytics concurrently while keeping up with their day-to-day operations."

Young Seung Ko, CEO of AGEDB, shared his excitement towards this webinar, stating "We foresee this graph extension capability becoming the foremost and reliable solution, offering practical approaches to address the growing challenges of operational inefficiency. The alignment between Apache AGE and our company's mission resonates perfectly in our pursuit of transformative outcomes."

To attend the upcoming webinar, visit to register.

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About Apache AGE

Promoted to a top project by The Apache Software Foundation in 2022, Apache AGE is a PostgreSQL extension that provides graph database functionality. The project was originally developed in 2019 as an extension to AgensGraph (Bitnine Global's multi-model database fork of PostgreSQL), and entered the Apache Incubator in April 2020.

About Advanced Graph Enterprise Database Inc.

Founded in 2022, AGEDB is a Vancouver-based private company with a primary focus on developing and delivering database management system ("DBMS") software and technology. AGEDB is a new innovation to the DBMS industry offering hybrid capabilities encompassing Relational and Graph Databases. With a commitment to driving technological excellence, AGEDB aims to empower businesses worldwide with tailored services to address the evolving needs of modern enterprises, enabling organizations to derive insights and make informed decisions smarter.

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