Innovative AI Company AGEDB Technology Commences Trading on the TSX Venture Exchange

Published in AGEDB , 3 min read, Mar 22, 2024, 14:20 ET

[VANCOUVER, B.C. Mar 22, 2024] - Advanced Graph Enterprise Database Inc.

"AGEDB" is excited to announce that its common shares (each, a "Share") have commenced trading on the facilities of the TSX Venture Exchange ("TSXV") under the ticker symbol "AGET" effective March 25, 2024.

AGEDB Technology Ltd.

AGEDB is an innovative company involved in AI business, with a unique foundation in graph database technology. It is the only enterprise of its kind currently in Canada.

AGEDB is an innovative enterprise in Canada, pioneering AI business based on graph database technology, possessing the world's only multi-model database product and expertise in both graph and relational database technologies. In 2023, the Company licensed its 'Apache AGE', a multi-model database product that ascended to the status of a Top-Level Project ("TLP") under the Apache Software Foundation ("Apache"). Apache's TLPs are widely trusted by a diverse array of users and businesses, with most projects being recognized as industry standards.

Apache AGE stands as the unique product in the global market equipped with the technology to leverage graph databases based on relational databases. Notably, it has enhanced accessibility for all enterprises utilizing the rapidly growing open-source PostgreSQL, enabling convenient installation and utilization of graph databases. Additionally, it encompasses features such as data model mapping for migration and integration with existing relational databases, as well as graph data visualization and analysis tools. As a result, we believe all companies pursuing AI businesses can accelerate and stabilize their capabilities and roles more effectively using our Apache AGE technology.

AGEDB's Apache AGE technology offers excellent graph analysis algorithms for graph data analysis and provides specialized solutions and services for AI simultaneously. AGEDB already boasts a diverse portfolio of AI-centric implementations, including Fraud Detection Systems, cybersecurity, and predictive analytics systems. It also enjoys high preference among public institutions and major corporations, particularly in the financial sector in Korea and the United Kingdom.

Young Seung Ko, CEO of AGEDB, stated, "Through our listing on the TSXV, the Company aims to attract more investments and ascend further on the path of growth through R&D and operational activities. Reflecting the high expectations of proactive investors, we plan to propel ourselves towards becoming an innovative AI enterprise, aiming to establish AGEDB as the leading global provider of DBMS."

About AGEDB Technology Ltd.

Founded in 2022, AGEDB is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, and specializes in developing and delivering cutting-edge AI-powered database management system ("DBMS") software and technologies. AGED''s innovative approach integrates AI to simplify complex data structures and derive actionable insights in today's data-driven environment. By leveraging AI, AGEDB transforms traditional data management practices into advanced DBMS solutions tailored to meet modern business needs.

AGEDB deeply engages in the AI business by actively contributing to the Apache Software Foundation, a globally renowned open-source graph database project. The collaboration showcases AGEDB's commitment to advancing AI technologies within the database domain, ensuring broader accessibility and innovation in AI-driven solutions.

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